IFP Investment Management SA manages private and institutional portfolios in Luxembourg and in Belgium.

IFP Investment Management SA, Luxembourg also manages the IFP Luxembourg Fund, approved in 2008 by the Luxembourg authorities that has presently three compartments : IFP Global Environment Funds (since 2009), IFP Global Emerging Markets Bonds Funds (since 2011), and IFP Global Age Fund (since 2012).

(Prospectus, Management RulesKIIDS, fundinfo, annual et semi-annual report IFP Luxembourg Fund,)

IFP Investment Management SA benefits from IFP Group's long term experience managing funds since 2003.
IFP has been a pioneer in sustainable investments and has used its knowledge to identify through a rigorous investment process leading companies benefiting from a good business model, well-positioned to grow with a very good management.
IFP Investment Management S.A. has a long track record in managing its own sustainable investment funds.
IFP Investment Management SA strives and wants to achieve the best result for its clients' satisfaction.
IFP Investment Management SA is also the management company for external funds.

(Annual Report Capertino Sicav, semi-annual report Capertino Sicav, Capertino Sicav Prospectus, Capertino KIIDS)