Launched in May 2009
UCITS V Investment Fund under Luxembourg law
Environmental issues are creating a lot of challenges and opportunities and many companies will benefit from it while participating in this trend and playing a role in helping to solve these issues. Climate change, population growth, resource scarcity, energy efficiency, quality of life, development in infrastructure to answer the demand, and other challenges need to be addressed. The growth in demand and activities linked to environmental aspects is significant and creates a lot of opportunities for investments.

IFP Global Environment offers a unique, flexible asset allocation (up to 60% bonds and up to 40% equities) by identifying the companies that enter into this universe and understands the challenges and the responsibility, while addressing and finding solutions to a better world.

IFP Global Environment is a fully sustainable fund.

4 classes are available (EUR, USD, CHF, EUR I), daily NAV

IFP Funds are Luxembourg UCITS V long only funds that are also authorized for public distribution in Luxembourg and Belgium. (www.fundinfo.com)